Aslı Yazıcıoğlu, the pioneer of the “Clinical Aromatherapy” field in our country, is an educator, international speaker and clinical aromatherapy specialist. Aslı Yazıcıoğlu, which organizes special training programs for industry professionals and continues its product development studies as well as clinical researches, carries out aromatherapy applications at Liv Hospital. Aslı Yazıcıoğlu is a lecturer at Istinye University Faculty of Pharmacy and also teaches at the Phytotherapy Certificate Program organized for specialist physicians at Bezmialem Vakıf University. Yazıcıoğlu is the head of the umbrella organization of the sector, Aromatherapy Association.

Aslı Yazıcıoğlu, graduated from Şişli Terakki High School and Istanbul University Faculty of Pharmacy. Later she completed marketing education at Brighton University/England and a MBA (Master of Business Administration) program at Koç University. Yazicioglu started her career as a responsible product manager in the field of oncology in the pharmaceutical sector. She has organized international events that contributed to the development of the field and studied on projects that brought new generation oncology products to Turkey.

While she was working in her own pharmacy store, she made her pharmacy store one of the central pharmacies of her region. During these years she deepened her research on aromatherapy and essential oils. Based on her experience, she decided to work closer with other evidence-based treatment options and to offer a softer healthcare approach without harmful side effects.

After attending ‘Basic Training in Scents’ course at Bilgi University/Turkey, she attended basic and advanced level aromatherapy courses from several internationally accredited institutions at US, England, Ireland and France. She received aromatherapy trainings at prestigious institutions such as ITHMA (The Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy) and Tisserand Institute given by the leading names in the field such as Gabriel Mojay and Robert Tisserand. In Southern France at the heart of medical aromatherapy, she completed the 4-level series of "Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy" trainings given by Rhiannon Lewis, the founder of Essential Oil Resources. In addition, she completed a one-year supervision study with psychologist Rana Şen on physiology of olfaction and the effects of olfaction on psychology.

She continued her studies which first started with daily and aesthetic uses of aromatherapy on the other side of the spectrum, the "Medical and Clinical Aromatherapy’, by following the developments and innovations in the world through international congresses and conferences. In 2016, she initiated the first hospital-based clinical aromatherapy consultation space in Turkey at Liv Hospital in Istanbul and worked there as a clinical aromatherapy expert. At the same hospital, she was responsible from the development of personalised phytotherapy, aromatherapy and active cosmetic products as a member of ‘Healthy Living Management Council’ at ‘Stop Aging Clinic’ which takes a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to health promotion.

In order to contribute to the scientific development and the conscious application of aromatherapy, in 2017 she prepared the first multi disciplined and extensive aromatherapy training program for health professionals in Turkey at Bezmialem Foundation University. This innovative education program with a comprehensive curriculum and multidisciplinary educational staff became an important model in the field.

Yazıcıoğlu, constantly follows the developments and innovations in the field of aromatherapy through international congresses and conferences. She also teaches Clinical Aromatherapy lectures in the Phytotherapy Certificate Training organized by Bezmialem University for physicians and to the senior students of Istanbul University Faculty of Pharmacy within the scope of GETAT.

Platform Essencia, an applied education and research platform in the fields of "Clinical Aromatherapy and Well Living", founded by Aslı Yazıcıoğlu was accepted as an accredited school in 2020 by the prestigious and selective education accreditation institution AIA (Alliance International Aromatherapists).

Aslı Yazıcıoğlu, continues her studies to share current scientific information about essential oils and contributes to the development aromatherapy as a complementary intervention method by promoting a healthy lifestyle and preventing various diseases effectively. She also gives speeches at industry-leading global conferences on behalf of Turkey and provides content consultancy to international organizations where she assumes active roles as as a member of the scientific committee. She is the president of ‘Aromader’ Turkish Aromatherapy Association and also serves as the ambassador of Turkey for ‘Botanica’ which is one of the most important international organizations in the field.

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Liv Hospital Medical Doctors Meeting

Aromatherapy Association Meeting

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1st Phytovision Congress