Who Are We?

Platform Essencia focuses its work on “Clinical Aromatherapy, Medicinal & Aromatic Plants, Wellness” and it performs on an up-to-date and scientific basis for protection from some physical and psychological diseases, to maintain health and well-being and to provide treatment.

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Traditional and complementary medicine practices and clinical aromatherapy are indispensable complements of medicine today.

Essencia Platform is a platform established in order to contribute to the scientific development and conscious application of clinical aromatherapy in Turkey.

The platform organizes training programs for health professionals and people who want to become conscious in this field, and provides consultancy services to the coordination of clinical researches and product development studies. In addition, it organizes conferences, panels, application oriented workshops, themed excursion programs, in which the developments and innovations of aromatherapy in the world are discussed, and experts in the field are present.

Platform Essencia carries out its work with both personal projects of Pharmacist, Aromatologist Aslı Yazıcıoğlu, the founder and manager of Platform Essencia, and with an international advisory board.

Who does the platform serve?


Healthcare professionals (physicians, pharmacists, psychologists…), healthcare practitioners (nurses, caregivers, physiotherapists…), basic science graduates (chemistry, biology-based fields), students studying in the schools of the field, manufacturers in this field, entrepreneurs who want to invest in the field.

Those İnterested in Aromatherapy

Those who believe in the healing and complementary power of aromatherapy in all areas of life and want to become.