About Trainings

When the courses or trainings related to aromatherapy are held only around formulations, lessons are not spread over time and mixed methods are not used to deepen the information, the “science and art” connection and a holistic perspective, which is the essence of aromatherapy, cannot be established.

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With the "Basic Aromatherapy Training" performed for the first time in 2017, Platform Essencia (Formerly Clinical Aromatherapy), has started the first interdisciplinary and long-term aromatherapy training in Turkey.

Platform Essencia training programs are created based on knowledge and experience coming from clinical and medical studies, international trainings, international conferences and research projects that have been carried out by Pharmacist, Aromatologist Aslı Yazıcıoğlu for many years, synthesizing scientific and traditional approaches while serving the development of the sector and provide professional and personal needs in this field.

Platform instructors consist of researchers and healthcare professionals who are experts in the field of education to be provided, and who contribute to the scientific development of the field through international studies and research.

Are the trainings taking place in the classroom or online?

Platform Essencia trainings are held in the form of class lessons and webinars, also additional sources of content (topic summaries, additional resources, glossary of terms, videos, study questions, etc.) that support courses are provided via our private online education platform "Platform Essencia Network" (PEN) which you will be able to access with a password. After the training process is over, the participants will continue to access our training and sharing platform PEN and access updated content, project-based group studies and forums.

Who is Platform Essencia intended for?


Health professionals (physicians, pharmacists, psychologists, nutritionists/dieticians, physiotherapists, nurses, caregivers etc.), basic science or engineering graduates in chemistry / biology, students studying in the schools of the field, manufacturers in the field, entrepreneurs who want to invest in the field.

Those İnterested in Aromatherapy

Those who believe in the healing and complementary power of aromatherapy in all areas of life and want to become conscious in this area.

You can attend Platform Essencia trainings to scientifically explore aromatherapy, use medicinal and aromatic plants, essential oils and hydrosol obtained from them, and fixed oils more effectively, and promote effective, safe and sustainable use of aromatherapy.

Which training should I choose?

Platform Essencia carries out its works to contribute to the most accurate processing and development of aromatherapy discipline and its complementary fields in our country and in the world. With aromatherapy trainings created by synthesizing traditional and practical knowledge in the field of aromatherapy and data filtered from scientific developments, participants receive basic, professional and advanced / clinical level training on a scientific and current ground in the field of aromatherapy.

Basic Aromatherapy Training

It is a basic level training that anyone interested in aromatherapy can attend. It covers a wide range of contents in aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy Certification

Foundations of Aromatherapy 2020/2

As a result of detailed work on the revision of its curriculum, Platform Essencia has become one of the 8 educational institutions in the world, approved by the US-based International Alliance of Aromatherapists (AIA), one of the world's most prestigious international accreditation institutions in the field of scientific and clinical aromatherapy.

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Professional Aromatherapy and Natural Cosmetic Training

It is a professional level training aimed at entrepreneurs and producers who want to deepen the field and specialize in natural cosmetics, especially after basic aromatherapy training.

Advanced Level Training

Professional Aromatherapy 2020/1

Our new training "Professional Aromatherapy", will be organized for those who want to deepen the field of aromatherapy and specialize in natural cosmetics and will start in September. Our studies on the curriculum and content is ongoing and we will share it with you as soon as possible. Stay tuned!

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Clinical Aromatherapy Training

It is an advanced training organized for healthcare professionals who want to specialize in clinical aromatherapy after basic aromatherapy training.

Advanced Level Training

Clinical Aromatherapy 2021/1

Our new training "Clinical Aromatherapy" organized in cooperation with Istinye University is designed only for health professionals and will start in 2021. Our studies on the curriculum and content is ongoing and we will share it with you as soon as possible. Stay tuned!

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