The Science of Wellbeing Trainings

 "All fear comes from inside, but the mind of a person is always outside," says Mevlana...

Modern life, which has become a visual and auditory bombardment, manages very well to keep us away from our inner-self. In such a fast and chaotic age, it is not easy to do self-reflection and turn this into regular habit and ritual by applying the learned methods. Moreover, while there is plenty of misleading content in this area, many of which are presented without any scientific basis… Another important dimension is that the presented content can be conveyed by correct, impartial and competent persons.

It is precisely for these reasons that we are starting a new training series with our "Clinical Aromatherapy and Good Life" motto! Since health and well-being is connected and multi-layered in body, mind and consciousness dimensions; this training series, which we call “The Science of Well-being”, includes multiple modules with a multidisciplinary approach. If you wish, you can participate in all modules, or you can choose the modules you believe you need the most. In the lessons where both ancient knowledge and modern science data are blended, you will acquire scientific-based knowledge and practices that you can apply in your daily life, increase your awareness, improve your insight, and give a holistic perspective to health and well-being.

Considering your different needs and desires, we have made the trainings, in which our instructors, each of whom are known for their expertise, are available modularly separately.


Training Dates

  • Homeopathy and First Aid Remedies
    • November 28, Saturday
  • Introduction to Aromatherapy
    • December 5, Saturday
  • Principles of Energy Medicine
    • December 12, Saturday
  • Mindfulness
    • December 26, Saturday

Who Can Attend The Trainings?

Anyone who is interested in well-being is welcome to attend.

The Science of Wellbeing Trainings

Homeopathy and First Aid Remedies

Hahnneman argued that the treatment should be applied without harming the patient, it should have no side effects and should show the expected effect in a short time. Homeopathy is a natural, holistic and personalized treatment with no-side effects.

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Mindfulness means the ability to direct our attention to our thoughts, emotions, physical feelings and perceptions - without judgment - and the "awareness" that comes out of it. In short, it can also be called awareness of the wisdom and heart.

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