What Did They Say?

Adil Tanık

Opr. Dr. Adil Tanık

Head Doctor at Liv Ulus Hospital

“Aslı Yazıcıoğlu is the pioneer of Clinical Aromatherapy in Turkey"

“When they said you have a appointment with Pharmacist Aslı Yazıcıoğlu and the subject is 'aromatherapy', I got a little confused. I thought to myself, let's see what will come out of this. When Aslı started to talk about the scientific foundations of fragrances, I saw how important the issue was.

important contributions to the treatment of many of our patients. With these studies, I once again observed that clinical aromatherapy is actually a very special branch of science. In fact, Aslı has received serious education on the subject and works at higher education institutions at 'teaching' level. She is taking the lead on this issue in Turkey. I witness that the glow in her eyes is getting brighter.

There is still a long way to go and I am very happy to see that Aslı does everything with a great desire to succeed.”

Op. Dr. Aykut Coşkun

Gynecologist, Founder of Feminart Reproductive & Women's Health Clinic

“I use the information I received from the trainings in my clinic”

“I met Mrs. Yazıcıoğlu at the Clinical Aromatherapy training he organized at Bezmialem Foundation University in May 2018. It was an amazing course with only healthcare providers and a few manufacturers. After the organic chemistry, biochemistry and pharmacology courses I took at the university, I have seen what can be done with carrier and essential oils from nature, or rather I realized that clinical aromatherapy is almost the basis of medical treatment. Aslı Hanım shared her valuable information and clinical practices with us. He explained us their use in chemotherapy, dermatology, physical therapy, psychiatry and many other fields, both theoretically and practically. I completed the Basic Aromatherapy training in a month with the participation of our valuable instructors. I started using the information I gained here without losing time in my own clinic and baby massage center.

I say thank you to Mrs. Yazıcıoğlu and her team for this initiative and for their efforts.”

Melani Kovac

Aromatherapist, Founder of Dropsmith

“Aslı handles aromatherapy in an innovative way”

“Aslı is a rare talent in our industry. Along with the scientific background necessary to understand the deep effects of aromatherapy on the body and mind, she delicately transmits her knowledge and clinical experience to her students. She works to create more beneficial results by innovatively combining aromatherapy with existing methods. She is a person we refer for projects, conferences, valuable inputs and suggestions.”

Meltem Kurtsan

Meltem Kurtsan

Pharmacist, Founder of Herbafarm Academy

“A life without essential oils can no longer be considered”

“I attended the 1st Basic Aromatherapy training organized by Aslı Yazıcıoğlu at Bezmialem Foundation University between 18 November and 10 December 2017. In this training, from valuable instructors, we recieved valuable information from the history to chemistry of aromatherapy, from the scents to their effects on our brain. We socialized with our colleagues, we experimented in the lab. We returned to our student days and were equipped with new information. A life without essential oils can no longer be considered.”

Serra Göney

Founder of Misbahçe Natural Cosmetics Company

“Every week I attended the clinical aromatherapy training with enthusiasm”

I had an educational experience where I learned valuable information and reinforced what I know with pleasure. Aslı and other instructors were great. We have communicated very well with them. They always supported us during and after the course.

Thanks to Platform Essencia.”

Arzu Yağcı Baş

Pharmacist at Arı Pharmacy

“A neat and detailed aromatherapy journey”

"I would like to thank my dear Aslı Yazıcıoğlu teacher for taking us to an aromatherapy journey that started with General Chemistry and ended with Bioenergy in a neat, detailed and pleasant working environment."

Seçil Yeşilkır Akay

Nurse, Founder of Lotus Derma Therapy Skincare Clinic

“Thank you for opening a new horizon for me”

“I had a dream. Aromatherapy was the most important and exciting part of the road for me… I started my journey with Aslı and now I am making skin care formulations that make my clients happy. Although aromatherapy is enjoyable, it has very delicate and important limits. With this consciousness, it was a wonderful education period for me, with a strong scientific basis . I extend my thanks and love to Aslı and her team for the time spent with sincere and accurate information, and most importantly, it opened a new horizon for me.”