Frequently Asked Questions

About Trainings
All information about the trainings can be found at It is also possible to communicate by phone at +90 (536) 990 40 50 or by sending an e-mail to

At the end of the training participants will receive a certificate of participation document from Platform Essencia and those who meet the requirements will also receive AIA approved Aromatherapy Training Certificate.

International competence in the field is documented with AIA certification. With the AIA approved certificate known for its high standards, it is possible to document the competence especially in English speaking countries (such as England, USA, Canada, Australia). With the certificate received; it is possible to use comprehensive information acquired within the framework of professional responsibilities and limits.

In Turkey, aromatherapist profession is not defined by law and not yet found a complete response. Various arrangements are envisaged by different institutions on the subject. When we look at the applications in the world, it is seen that there are different aromatherapy schools and arrangements that vary on the basis of countries.

On the other hand, although there is no restriction in using the title of aromatherapist after receiving the certificate but the field of application of aromatherapy must be within the individual's professional boundaries.

The training and certification does not provide a license to diagnose, treat and prescribe (except for medical doctors). Aromatherapy can be implemented in the form of suggestions, services and products that support healthy living and well-being. 

It is important to actively attend classes in order to get full efficiency from the training. In order to qualify for the certificate, a minimum of 80% attendance is required.

Platform Essencia offers trainings ranging from 101 level to Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy Trainings with varying content and depth.

AIA Certified Basic Aromatherapy Training is open to everyone in order to create an accurate awareness in the field, regardless of occupation. However, the participants who do not have a relevant educational background such as being graduated from majors in health sciences or basic sciences (chemistry, biology etc.) must complete the preliminary module consisting of chemistry and botany courses before the training.

Those who complete the AIA Certified Basic Aromatherapy Training can get advanced training if they wish. Those who want to deepen and pursue a career in the field can choose one of the 2 trainings we offer:

1-Professional Aromatherapy and Natural Cosmetic Training; It is suitable for people who want to cultivate medicinal and aromatic plants, who want to produce aromatherapy products or launch a natural cosmetics brand. Apart from aromatherapy related topics in the curriculum; topics such as business skills, brand management, legal regulations and licensing are also covered.

2-Clinical Aromatherapy Training; It is suitable only for healthcare professionals and will be carried out in cooperation with Istinye University. Participants who successfully complete this training designed with a integrated multidisciplinary structure for clinical research will be provided the opportunity to do clinical Turkey and abroad.

Platform Essencia training programs are created based on knowledge and experience coming from clinical and medical studies, international trainings, international conferences and research projects that have been carried out by Pharmacist, Aromatologist Aslı Yazıcıoğlu for many years, synthesizing scientific and traditional approaches while serving the development of the sector and provide professional and personal needs in this field.

Platform instructors consist of researchers and healthcare professionals who are experts in the field of education to be provided, and who contribute to the scientific development of the field through international studies and research.

In the trainings designed with a holistic perspective, not only theoretical and applied aromatherapy, but also content from basic sciences such as chemistry, botany, anatomy and physiology is also offered. By using hybrid learning methods and spreading the lessons over time, it is aimed to deepen the knowledge through weekly studies. Since aromatherapy does not mean memorizing recipes, it is aimed to maket he participants gain the necessary knowledge and skills to design aromatherapeutic interventions on a case-by-case basis.

Platform Essencia, is a aromatherapy school which continues to gain interest in the field of aromatherapy and is being modeled not only in Turkey but also worldwide among other aromatherapy institutions.

AIA (Alliance of International Aromatherapists) is an international US-based organization that creates and maintains comprehensive educational standards for advanced Aromatherapy practitioners and educators in accordance with professional, scientific and clinical practice, and today's techniques, technology and latest findings. It is also known for being a very selective institution that demands high educational standards among existing aromatherapy institutions.

The reason why Platform Essencia prefers AIA accreditation is that AIA standards reflect current research and AIA regularly revises these standards to ensure that the information taught is accurate and up-to-date. Thus, the educational perspective of Platform Essencia overlaps more with the AIA than other aromatherapy institutions which also offer accreditation for aromatherapy schools.

After the training is completed and the certification is received, the membership fee can be paid to become an AIA member. Information on the subject is given during the lessons.


Platform Essencia does not sell products and serves as a scientific education, research and consultancy platform in the field of aromatherapy and wellbeing. However, DIY kits consisting of essential oils, carrier oils and other utilities for product preparation are provided to be used as complementary materials that support the applied aromatherapy lessons included in the trainings.

These products are supplied from manufacturers that meet the required quality standards. The names of these brands are shared via the supplier resource list provided during the trainings.

As Platform Essencia, we do not prefer to give a brand name in this regard. You can get information by examining our blog posts and social media posts that we have prepared about the quality standards in essential oils and the information that should be included in the labels of essential oils.