Foundations of Aromatherapy 2020/2


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Training Registration Fee:  6,500 + VAT
Early Registration Fee:  6,000 + VAT

Early Registration Deadline: 31 Ağustos tarihine kadar ödemenin tamamlanması gerekmektedir.

3 installments are made to credit cards with no maturity.


The curriculum and tools of Platform Essencia Basic Aromatherapy Training has been formed by combining traditional and practical information and practices created in the field of aromatherapy with scientific data filtered from current publications, clinical researches, conferences and developments and modern aromatherapy softwares.

The training, organized for the 7th time in 2020, continues to be an education model that is exemplified by its rich scientific content, comprehensive curriculum and strong infrastructure, and the philosophy it has built on continuous development.

Platform Essencia Basic Aromatherapy Training is an accredited training approved by the USA based Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA), one of the most prestigious institutions in the world in aromatherapy. Students who successfully complete their training by fulfilling their obligations will be entitled to receive AIA approved and internationally valid AIA Level 1 certification.

Who can attend Basic
Aromatherapy Training?

Anyone interested in aromatherapy or want to pursue a career in this field can participate in this training. However, candidates who need to strengthen their basic knowledge must complete the preliminary module consisting of Chemistry and Botany lessons before the training. Graduates in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, chemistry, biology etc. will be exempt from this pre-module.

With Platform Essencia Basic Aromatherapy Training, you will have the following achievements:

  • Having a scientific, up-to-date and practical infrastructure with interdisciplinary educators and different learning techniques we offer.
  • Having knowledge and skills about how to use aromatherapy applications effectively and safely for pleasure, personal care, cosmetics or complementary treatment (for qualified health professionals)
  • Having the ability to treat yourself first and then other people while understanding the discipline of aromatherapy within the holistic health concept
  • Creating synergy and differentiation in your current activity by combining aromatherapy with your own professional practices
  • Having basic knowledge about product research and development, branding processes in aromatherapy and natural cosmetics
  • Accessing resources and information on research and clinical work in the field of aromatherapy
  • Being a member of Platform Essencia Network (PEN), which will provide resources, content and networking opportunities in the field


The training, which will be carried out with a mixed model consisting of in-class and online training, will be held on 4 different weekends (only the last week of the training will include Friday) Saturday and Sunday, and it is planned as 9 days / 72 hours. In addition to online in-class training, there will be online individual studies and the total training time will be 100 hours.

In Basic Aromatherapy Training, not only theoretical and applied aromatherapy but also basic sciences such as chemistry and botany and many other subjects such as history of fragrant plants, history of modern aromatherapy, essential oil monographs, carriers used in aromatherapy, quality and safe use in aromatherapeutic products are covered. In addition, basic anatomy and physiology knowledge, history of health and holistic health philosophy, bioenergy, eft and mindfulness, and physical and mental health and well-being knowledge and techniques are also conveyed.

The 100-hour Platform Essencia Basic Aromatherapy Training (AIA Level 1) is organized into 3 modules to cover the following topics.

Module 1

  • Historical adventure of fragrance, uses of aromatic plants for health and beauty purposes in history
  • History, development and basics of Modern Aromatherapy
  • Aromatherapy institutions and different schools in the world
  • Methods of obtaining essential oils and aromatic extracts
  • Quality and safety issues in aromatherapy
  • Basic botanical information, microscopic and macroscopic examinations
  • Basic organic chemistry and phytochemistry of essential oils and fixed oils
  • Examination of the therapeutic and healing effects of 30 essential oil profiles in the light of traditional practices and evidence-based studies

Module 2

  • Physiology of olfaction, effects of fragrance on human psychology
  • Psychoneuroimmunology
  • Examination of 20 fixed oil profiles used in aromatherapy and other carriers (Aloe vera gel, salts, clay etc.) and which can be preferred in different situations
  • Skin anatomy and physiology
  • Application methods
  • Creating effective and safe formulations
  • Mixing techniques with different perspectives
  • Holistic health philosophy
  • Meridians, chakras and bioenergy applications
  • Mindfulness
  • Applied Aromatherapy studies

Module 3

  • Formulation examples of aromatherapeutic interventions that can be applied according to the pathologies seen in body systems
  • Formulation examples of aromatherapeutic interventions that can be applied according to the pathologies seen in body systems
  • Basic information about consultation skills and therapeutic relationship
  • Basic information about Research Methods
  • Aromaeconomy
  • Basic information about applications in small businesses
  • Basic information about preparing a business and marketing plan
  • Ethics

Instructors & Speakers

Basic Aromatherapy Training is carried out by Founder of Platform Essencia, Pharm. Aslı Yazıcıoğlu together with academicians, researchers and healthcare professionals who are experts in their subject.

Aromaterapi, Platform Essencia
Aslı Yazıcıoğlu, the founder of Platform Essencia, graduated from Terakki High School and Istanbul University Faculty of Pharmacy. Later she studied marketing at Brighton University, England, and completed her MBA at Koç University. She started her career in the pharmaceutical industry as a product manager responsible for the area of ​​oncology and brought next-generation oncology products to Turkey. During the years she worked in her own pharmacy store, she deepened her research on aromatherapy and essential oils. Driven by her experience and observations, she decided to work closer with other evidence-based treatment options and offer a softer approach to healthcare without harmful side effects. She received several trainings from important international authorities in the field of aromatherapy. In 2016, she initiated the first hospital-based clinical aromatherapy consultation space in Turkey at Liv Hospital in Istanbul and worked there as a clinical aromatherapy expert. While she is serving as the ambassador of Turkey for Botanica which is the most important international organization in the field, she also provides content consultancy for international organizations which she contributes as a member of scientific committee. She continues to give trainings as well as speeches at global and industry-leading conferences on behalf of Turkey.
Pharmaceutical Botany, Istanbul University
Emine Akalın is the Head of the Pharmaceutical Botany Department and the Coordinator of Phytopharmacy Specialist Training Programme at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Istanbul University. She continued her academic career in the same department after she graduated from IU Faculty of Pharmacy and has served as the dean and vice dean at IU Faculty of Pharmacy. Akalın also works as a member of EUKMOS in order to establish the foundations of the field of “Phytopharmacy”, one of the areas of expertise in pharmacy.
Neurosurgery, Energy Medicine
After graduating from Istanbul Erkek High School and Istanbul University, Faculty of Medicine he completed his residency in Brain and Nerve Surgery at the same faculty between 2000-2006. Tufan Cansever became an associate professor at Başkent University Istanbul Hospital in 2012. He started his complementary medicine training in 2013 with bioenergy. He is a member of the Turkish Neurosurgical Association (TND) and Turkish Spine Association (TOD). Dr. Tufan Cansever has many articles published in international refereed journals.
Pharmacognosy, Bezmialem Foundation University
İlker Demirbolat, who has a PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Marmara University Faculty of Pharmacy has worked as a manager in the production, quality control and R&D departments of companies producing various synthetic and herbal medicines at Turkey and abroad. Demirbolat, who works as the responsible manager at the Bezmialem Foundation University Phytotherapy Education, Research ve Application Center, works on the in-vitro and in-vivo biological activities of essential oils and plant-derived compounds. He also manages the production, standardization, quality control and various processes of herbal products.
Pharmacognosy, Anadolu University
Gökalp İşcan graduated from Anadolu University, Faculty of Science, Department of Biology and is currently a faculty member at the Pharmacognosy Department of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the same university. He has published over 50 research articles and 70 conference proceedings. He has been involved in research projects as a manager, consultant and researcher. Chemistry of natural substances, microbial transformation reactions, essential oils, biology of natural compounds, quality control of herbal drugs, medicinal teas and pharmacopoeia analysis are among his research topics.
Pharmacognosy, Bezmialem Foundation University
Murat Kartal is a Faculty Member of the Faculty of Pharmacy Department of Pharmacognosy and Head of the Phytotherapy Education Research and Application Center at Bezmialem Foundation University. Medical plants, herbal products, herbal medicines, obtaining herbal raw materials, quality and licensing of herbal medicines are of special interest. He has given lectures and seminars at Turkey and abroad on aromatherapy, phytotherapy, phytocosmetics, natural medicines and natural products and pharmaceutical raw materials. He works in the Commissions in the Ministry of Health, and is the Vice President of the AROMADER Aromatherapy Association. He has conducted joint research projects at universities in Pakistan, the United States, Germany and the Czech Republic. He has published over 120 scientific articles, most of which are in international refereed journals.
Author, Researcher and Parfumor
Vedat Ozan (b. 1959) is the instructor of the course "Cultural History of Smells and Senses" at Istanbul Bilgi University Cultural Studies Graduate Program. He deals with senses, interspecific transitions, the working and perception mechanisms of smell and taste senses and their cultural projections. In addition to his articles published in various magazines Ozan has four books titled "The Book of Fragrances", " The Book of Fragrances: Perfumes", "The Book of Fragrances: Cultures", "The Book of Fragrances: Flavors". " The Book of Fragrances: Flavors " was awarded in the "Food Writing" category by the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in 2019.
Chest Diseases Specialist, Mindfulness Trainer, CPCC, Life Now Platform
Dr.Uslu completed her education at Marmara University Faculty of Medicine and worked as a Chest Diseases Specialist for 15 years. At Beykoz State Hospital, she founded one of the first accredited sleep laboratories in Turkey. In addition to these, she took active positions in the Turkish Thoracic Society, Turkish Medical Association, and Health Institute Association. While her medical career continued; in 2013, she set up her own wellness counseling and professional coaching company to meet other people walking their inner journey, seek answers to their questions, share their awareness, learn, and witness that everyone shines the light within themselves a little more.
Faculty of Chemistry, Koç University
Funda Acar Yağcı completed her BSc and MSc studies at Boğaziçi University Chemistry Department and her PhD at Southern Mississippi University in the field of Polymer Science and Engineering. Then she worked as as a postdoctoral researcher at the GE Global Research Niskayuna Center. Funda Yağcı is a faculty member at Koç University Chemistry Department since 2004. Her research areas include novel polymers, magnetic nanoparticles, hybrid nano materials for biotechnology, medicine and energy applications.

Training Location and Dates

The trainings will be carried out with a hybrid model consisting of class trainings to be held at Platform Essencia headquarters and Istinye University and webinars via our online training platform PEN.

  • 26 and 27 September, 2020
  • 17 and 18 October, 2020
  • 21 and 22 November, 2020
  • 18, 19 and 20 December, 2020

What is included in the registration fee?

  • Online lessons
  • Printed training booklet exceeding 1000 pages (Training notes that cannot be delivered by hand will be sent by counter-paid shipment)
  • 5 Essential oils
  • PEN membership
  • 90-Day Free Dropsmith membership
  • Discounted LabAroma membership

If they wish, a mixture preparation kit consisting of 15 essential oils and 3 carrier oils covered in the trainings will be shipped to the participants upon the payment of the fee 500TL + VAT. 

Fees and Payments

Training Registration Fee:  6,500 + VAT
Early Registration Fee:  6,000 + VAT
Early Registration Deadline: 31 Ağustos tarihine kadar ödemenin tamamlanması gerekmektedir.

3 installments are made to credit cards with no maturity.

Bank Information

TR14 0006 7010 0000 0091 1829 50

Account Holder:
ADS Cosmetic Production, Research, Education and Consulting Inc.

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